Story of A Photographer Saiful Raju

Saiful Raju is well known as a budding photographer who crossed the boundaries of backdated village. From childhood he loved to capture pictures . With the sun rises he came out of the house with a dream in his eyes and a camera bag on his back. Run to the destination. That destination has no boundaries. He traveled all over the country.

He has also gone abroad several times in search of pictures. Enjoyed the boundless beauty of nature. At the same time, he has kept its essence in his camera as a memento of beauty.

For the last 8 years, this young photographer has been meditating on photography.

Saiful Raju Tv CHANNEL Interview

He loves to keep an eye on the lens and bring up rare images of nature-world-life. He has also won the crown of success in photography competitions in different places of the country and abroad more than once.

As an active activist in the field of sports and culture and a young producer, Saiful Raju has already made several documentaries, music videos and short films. He has been able to create quite a stir in the country by making a music video with a cricket song titled ‘Lal Sabujer Bangladesh’ in 2016. In the meantime, he has made documentaries for different television channels in different parts of the country under the banner of Projonmo Productions.

In 2019, Saiful Raju first solo photo exhibition titled ‘Shopner Proticchobi-2

In 2019, his first solo photo exhibition titled ‘Shopner Proticchobi-2‘ was held at Dhaka World Literary Center. After successfully concluding the second photo exhibition, he announced plans to make an exceptional documentary on the diversity of Bangladesh in order to present Bangla at the international level this year. In an interview to the media, young photographer Saiful Raju said, “I used to take pictures as a hobby.

And now I am addicted to taking pictures. In fact, there is no day in the calendar that my camera does not click the shutter. I prefer to take pictures of the miserable lives of neglected and impoverished people rather than taking pictures of eminent personalities. Besides, I don’t delayed capturing the natural beauty. I run around looking for pictures. I have come so far with the blessings of my father, ignoring all obstacles.

2nd solo photo exhibition titled 2021 Bangladesher Proticchobi

I dedicate all of my smallest success to Dad. Always trying to give the well-wishers some good gifts. I have released an album of photographs titled ‘Shopner Proticchobi‘ at 2017 Book Fair and in 2019 I will release a solo Photo Album titled ‘Shopner Proticchobi-2‘& 2nd solo photo exhibition titled 2021 Bangladesher Proticchobi.

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